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EclecticOilKittyBecause where else would I learn about special code words in early telegraphy?

Now I want to have little stamps that say “Englued Foretold”, if only more people would recognize this 1891 equivalent of “Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball“…


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I’ve been doing some road travel, along roads never taken before, to see old friends and new.  One of the pleasant bonuses has been a chance to pay close attention [well, as close as one can safely do at 70 mph]Queen-o-prairie at the local flora, to see what’s blooming and what might make a nice addition to the garden here.  So far my prime “WANT” candidate has been the beauty here, which I thought was Queen of the Prairie, but this is too purple and the flowers are more aster-like [although the leaves are bigger than the New England asters that I grow….Hmmn…. I have an aster book around here somewhere…pause, do some more searching. Ah.  Got it: Ironweed.  Veronia].

I started noticing this plant in bud along the road in eastern Ohio, mixed in among milkweeds and Queen Anne’s Lace.  Sometimes near cattails, in the ditches on the median strips. The plants there had a vaguely purple tinge to the stems, almost looking black in the rain.

Now that I know it’s Ironweed, here’s a link to other gardeners being enthusiastic about it.  I did notice a variety of happy butterflies around it, like the skipper seen here.  Wish there’d been some seed set; definitely would have come home with me!

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