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Picture this as white with no railings on the porch

Picture this as white with no railings on the porch

We used to go up to New England over the 4th of July holiday, to stay at an old farmhouse and explore the Green Mountains.  Lugging gallons of water up the hill, before the running water was installed. An outhouse. God-only-knew-what in the barn. Fresh huckleberries fro the hillside in pancakes or muffins.  Each year we’d puzzle out where to go see fireworks, get lost along the way, and then finally find the town square or athletic field where the rockets were set to go off.

Signs of all sorts were read aloud [“Is that Rte 5?” “Did we need 12 or 12A?”], puzzled over [“Shouldn’t there be an actual question to go with the question mark?”], or argued over.  But my very favorite interactions were the word games:

“What’s the opposite of ‘Public Comfort’?” — me, looking up at the words carved in the back of the Town Hall-du-nuit

“Why, ‘Private Distress’, of course….” — my mother, weary of searching for restrooms in every town.


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