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Here at the Paradise….

Errr.  Some of you will know the song that lyric belongs to.  The rest, just move along to the actual text:  There is nothing like being one of 5 people in a movie theatre — two giddy couples and distraught projectionist — drinking beer, munching on corn chips and watching a reggae icon sing ‘Get up/Stand up’ on the big screen.

Oh, and the encore was Pink Floyd.  My ears are just getting around to forgiving me, but I wouldn’t have missed the experience.  It topped off a weekend of picnicking, festival-going, and having a wonderful time visiting with good friends.

Must remember to locate a copy of the Austin Lounge Lizards’ cover of “Dark Side of the Moon” for my neighbor….

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Special guest bee

A Eucera bee, courtesy of The Great Sunflower Project.  I got to see some of these on sunflowers up North last summer.

For another view, look here, at the Bees of Blandy Experimental Farm

And this is from WikiCommons, via Alvegaspar:

borrowed from commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bee_March_2008-2.jpg

borrowed from commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bee_March_2008-2.jpg

No, you never do know what you’ll get when you stop by this blog, do you…..

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