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Or, if you prefer, name any industry or business where the following quote wouldn’t be relevant today:

“The loyalty of the institution to its people, and vice versa, isn’t really there anymore — it’s a different animal from what a lot of us were used to. It’s much more of a business now and less of a true partnership. The problem is we’re supposed to all be in this together. But at some point, you stop and think: ‘Well, maybe we’re not.’ ” NYTimes

little-watch-gearsIt’s awkward being in between functional systems — I had the (mis)fortune of encountering faculty life first via a team of interdisciplinary scholars who were having a great time inventing themselves and new ways for students to learn, even though funding was scarce, and the future was uncertain. It seemed like a great enterprise to be a part of, and off I went to graduate school.  There I tumbled into a world of faculty intrigue, where the rifts between subdisciplines and sexual shenannigans had a big influence on the atmosphere, and it was a welcome gear shift to spend more time in the Biology department than the English one.  Now I’d feel lucky just to know about all the subdisciplines in my home department, because that would imply I had more contact with my colleagues than the occasional meeting or ‘hello’ in the mail room.  Alienated labor?  Yeah, that’s me waving from the end of the hallway.

[The quote is about law firms, by the way….]

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