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Because it never ends, it never ends….

“Unfortunately, my predictions were correct, and my grandfather died just four days before Thanksgiving.  His remaining months, years for that matter, were especially heartbreaking.”

And yes, the writer did go on to describe those sad years, of not recognizing friends or family, for the next few paragraphs, before switching timezones again, whereupon the grandfather resumed being safely dead, and not demented.

In our next example, someone is so focused on Russia that he forgets that China is actually a more significant trading partner with the US:

“First, with the importance of Globalization, the world can no longer afford to have a major financial partner acting under a dictatorship.”

For some reason, this example also reminds me of some old joke about Stalin, Hitler, and Marlene Dietrich [“That’s not Hitler’s punishment; it’s Dietrich’s!”]

Finally, in our Crimes Against Aesthetics department:

“Thus he acheives in ‘Ligeia” his ultimate goal of acheiving beauty through th channel of the melancholy generated from a dead girl, and also uses her as a device to show an artist losing beauty.”

Burn, baby burn!

Burn, baby burn!

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