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There was a bumper sticker handed out at 4Cs years ago [in the 80s, probably] by Wadsworth Publishing, that said “Support your Local Rhetorician!”

Anyone out there still have one? Bumper sticker, I mean. I had one on one of my Saturns; the remaining one is in my office, still un-stuck.

This evening I got some support from a senior faculty member in the sciences, who was encouraging me, in essence, to “just fail” those students “who don’t really seem interested in doing the work, and who aren’t doing it well”, in part to guide such students towards those activities they were interested in and would make the effort required to do them well.

There are days when I walk into the classroom and announce that I have been deputized by the Clue Fairy.  Tomorrow, though, we have a guest speaker, and I’ll let him do the honors.


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