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For years, decadent consumer spending and free-flowing credit meant no luxury chain had to justify why a sweater cost more than a flight to Rome.

NY Times article link

I grew up during a previous economic malaise, and my parents saw the Depression.  When I was in middle school, shopping for school or social event clothes meant traveling to the factories of the Garment District, going up the back stairs and pushing through racks of the “good” clothing to get the “seconds” from right near the factory floor.  Some of the items fit beautifully, some of them needed adjustments, some of them needed to be soaked in cold salt water to set the dyes before you could wear them.  We managed.

These days, I can think of only three or perhaps four items of clothing I’m likely to purchase in the next year…. [Okay, five if we can find a store where a salesperson understands I want a bra for support and not as breast performance art.]

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