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  • Take one chicken breast [boneless]
  • Defrost [almost all food in our house spends some time in the freezer]
  • Pound with a rolling pin
  • Stop pounding, preferably before, but certainly after, you realize you’ve ruptured the plastic bags you had wrapped the chicken in before freezing
  • Take a pan with sloping sides, pour in about an quarter-inch of rosé
  • Add liberal pinch of tarragon
  • Start heating wine
  • Smear one side of chicken breast with horseradish sauce [Boar’s Head is nice]
  • Put chicken breast horseradish side-down in the simmering wine; cover with tight-fitting lid [in my case, the lid fit down close over the chicken, as opposed to high up on the actual top edge of the cooking pan]
  • Chop five mushrooms
  • Add on top of chicken
  • Chop some baby carrots
  • Add on top of chicken
  • Turn the chicken over
  • Consider the scent of the cooking food: does it need something else?

Sure it does!

  • Add more wine on top of chicken
  • Look in the fridge
  • Consider options
  • Select bottle of rosewater, add less than 1/8th of a teaspoon, directly onto the wine on top of the chicken
  • Turn the chicken over, and allow to continue steaming until you can cut the meat in half and see the chicken is cooked through

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svaroskispangleSimplified Cat Vocabulary:  I don’t expect long conversations from my cats.  And I don’t imagine them saying a great deal.

Xeno conveys things like “More”, “Mine”, “Mom”, and “Damnit.”

Malkin has definite opinions on “Want that!” “Want that now!”, which comes with paw gestures and a willingness to dance in circles.

Leia has branched out from “Why?” to “Pet now!”, “Not enough yet”, and “Fix!” [which means she comes into a room and announces that something is Not Right and we should now jump to and discover what that might be].

Sad moments [trying to the mousepad to highlight a section of text on the piece of paper resting on the side of my monitor]

Metaphors in Science Writing: constructing an exercise

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