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Just too sober

Look, I love musicals.  In high school I managed to see Evita enough times to end up at a cast party and knew the differences between the performances of 5 different Evas.  I remember songs I’ve heard only once, at shows that never made it out of previews, or never made it to tape or disc [or, for you modern folks, MP3].

Unfortunately, the frog-in-a-blender musical mixup just performed at the Oscars just didn’t work for me…except to make me wonder if anyone felt this way during the Depression, watching people singing and dancing in such elaborate precision?

No, that’s not quite right.  The musical in its proper form isn’t what we were seeing — what was up there was more like frantic vaudville.

Good vaudville, BTW, would be the delightful acceptance “speech” of the Man on Wire himself, as he made a coin disappear, and the Oscar(tm) balance on his chin.

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