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fanfernsusbg09I know that some students take jobs at strip clubs in order to pay their way through school.  One such student self-identified last night. And yes, it was relevant to the discussion to bring up how many different contaminants might be on a dollar bill. But…errr…

[Okay, I did exacerbate the situation by suggesting a potential experiment where we took dollar bills from a strip joint, a bank, a school cafeteria, and a church collection plate, and then blotted them on agar plates. Then we could look at the bacteria that grew, and see which source had more varieties]

[Okay, I pushed it even farther and speculated that if we found significant overlap between the species found on the strip club bill and the church plate bill, we might learn something about behavior patterns and guilt. Yes, I was not entirely serious there.]

[And then I talked about this article which posits that our values have shifted to the point that many people are more willing to prosyletize about food choices rather than religious ones]

But I wasn’t quite prepared for the subsequent lively discussion about how much chemistry was done in the club scene — students recounted how people would order the testing kits to check the purity [and types of adulteration] of “Ectasy” pills, and how people would make purchasing decisions based on the chemical profiles.

This isn’t to say I was shocked by the behavior. I was more amazed at the candor, and wondered what kind of authority figure I seemed to be.  Several of the other students looked equally discomfited.

Musical selection: “Still Alive”

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