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Music for the ride

Got back from the store just now; got some ordinary milk [as opposed to the “Happy Cow” milk we just finished] and a few other items.  Much more interesting was the music on the local college station: “The Bones of You”, by a group called Elbow.  The repeated lyric “And I’m five years ago/And three thousand miles away” captures the flash dislocation of memory really nicely.

Here’s a link to a BBC review of the album.


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Here, here is the narwhal!

I remember seeing a narwhal tusk when my parents took me to see the Unicorn Tapestries at the Cloisters museum in New York.  It was vaguely depressing to see, because whales look nothing like horses, and how much bad faith must it have taken to pass part of one off as part of another beast entirely?

But narwhals themselves are splendid:  See BBC video of migrating narwhals navigating paths in the icy Arctic Ocean.

And narwhals are great comedy props:  See Freakazoid’s brilliant lesson in “Conversational Norwegian”.

And that’s the tooth.

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