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snowflake400Well, we are actually supposed to be getting some real snow soon, but that’s not my immediate point. I just got email from a student with the subject line of “Hi!”. Almost sent it right to the Junk folder, since short messages with trite titles from people I don’t know look a lot like viruses or spam to my jaded eyes.

But no, it was a request, made simply to my last name, to add please the student to a course I am teaching that is:

  • Already closed
  • Restricted to majors only
  • Has a waiting list

Short answer: no.  Longer answer: no, and here are some things to keep in mind, among them that course caps are real, faculty adhere to them whenever possible, and forgetting to use a professor’s title or honorific is NOT a good way to start a conversation [especially when you are asking them to violate multiple policies meant to protect everybody’s sanity].

On the bright side, I’ve recently learned that I will have a business meeting in Angry’s town during the summer. She is a delightful dinner companion, and I hope our schedules will allow a meal together.

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