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Y’know, if you can’t tell fish from mammals, I’m not sure you’re capable of knowing whether a creature [of either kind] is being treated “ethically” or not.  And if your only recourse to change people’s behavior is re-branding fish as “sea kittens”, I think you’re scraping the bottom of the rhetorical barrel.australianfish

As several bloggers have noted, real kittens are quite fond of eating real fish.  That’s not ideology that’s bi-ology.  Other genuine members of the great family Felidae would also eat you if you happened to be unattentive and available.

One wonders whether PETA could improve their rhetorical standing by spending their money on chloroplast research.  Specifically, now that we’re making progress on keeping insulin-producing cells from being destroyed by the immune system [which could change the lives of many people with Type I diabetes], maybe some sparky person could devote themselves to creating genuinely green people.  Then the PETA folks could opt out of eating entirely AND we could see them coming.

[pause] Of course, to maximize their photosynthetic potential, they might have to be nude much of the time.  Perhaps we don’t want to go there.

Disclosure: I am an omnivore.  My cats are obligate carnivores; it would be unethical to pretend otherwise.


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