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…in utter dismay….. I thought y’all should see this:eyeforsky

“Knowing the tables as good as possible is probably imparitive to be a technical writer.”

This person teaches at a public high school, and expects to get an MS in writing.  Want another sample?

“This frist this I noticed was the [deleted] acronym.”

And yes, I did explain at the beginning of the semester that niceties like spelling, grammar, and comprehensibility counted.  For graduate students I normally feel that you don’t have to give the “Thou shalt not ‘text’ thy teacher, lest she become wrothful and smite thee” lecture, but I made an exception this time around, even though the spectacle you see above isn’t a texting-style problem.

There is wailing and gnashing of teeth as I wait for #@!* PeopleSoft and Blackboard to get their screens updated.

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  • Sculpey III “Sweet Potato” clay is perfect for making oriole ornaments
  • Jury participation FAILs: reading Dante’s Inferno, working in the pharmacutical industry, having a Ph.D.
  • Giving 6 northern folks a request for Soup Joumou will result in 9 wildly different versions, due to vagueness in given recipe
  • You can get from Texas to Illinois in a day by car
  • There are three long-eared owls living in New York City
  • Grading without commenting is only fun if you don’t want to continue the conversation with your students

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The fine folks of Pharma have decided to cut their PR losses by decimating the stationery cabinets everywhere

Honestly, I haven’t bought a ballpoint, highlighter or Post-it note in 12+ years. Do people occassionally blanch when I jot them notes on Post-its that say “Pscoron: for all your Rash decisions!”  Well, maybe…. But recycling is good, right?

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