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I didn’t go to MLA.  I did that particular fandango twice, once on each coast, and have never needed to darken that meat market again.  I know they’ve put in some techwr sessions, but [shrug] really.

Anyway, I spotted this bit of woe on RateYourStudents just now, and it irked me for reasons that go beyond the fact that I’m on a search committee this year, and none of my favorites made the short list:

There are NO jobs that fit my interests. I might as well just stay in grad school if these people think I’m going to teach 4/4 until I die.

Honestly, if you weren’t enthusiastic about teaching entry-level courses, you shouldn’t pursue a degree in English.  Yes, of course, a specialty is important, but that, in a world where there _are_ people willing to teach 4/4, and often heavier loads to make ends meet as a gypsy adjunct, you’re going to either have a specialty with very little competition, or you’re going to have to have done some pretty spectacular things as a graduate student.  Your area of interest may or may not count to the outside world as sufficiently “spectacular” on its own.

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