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Unexpected progress

leiafirstphoto-adjust Leia didn’t run away when I walked into the room with the cup of kibble tonight.  I walked a little closer, and she still didn’t run.

So I took a chance and tried to move my hand closer [she was facing away from me, so I was about to touch her back].  That resulted in a typical Leia “chime”, but still no bolting away.

And most amazing of all, she started to purr when I pet her.   I really think she knows that some outside intervention is going to be necessary to get all those knots off her back and sides, and she actually let me run both my hands over her back, scritch the side of her face, stroke her tail.  I was utterly flabberghasted.

Then I stepped back and let her get something to eat.  I don’t know if I’ll get to pet her again anytime soon, but this and Word’s new project are the best Christmas presents of 2008.

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