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Courtesy of David Pogue and the NY Times:

BlackBerry Storm Downgraded to a Depression

The first sign of trouble for the new BlackBerry Storm was the concept: a touchscreen BlackBerry.

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phillydoorA woman is praying in Newcastle, England,  expressing concern for ‘people working in danger zones’ which include soldiers, police officers, women in domestic strife and, I think I heard “prostitutes’ in the list as well.

“Wait for the Lord, and His day is near”

I don’t dispute that all those people are in difficult situations, although perhaps they might not all like being in the same sentence together. On the other hand, I fully expect the Choir Invisible to include a wide variety of surprised folk marveling at the guest list…

In the meantime, some things need doing ’round here:

  • Prepare for conference call at 4:30 to arrange webinar
  • Order books for next semester’s classes
  • Recruit students for next semester’s classes
  • Comment on student papers
  • Grade student homeworks
  • Decide on dinner for tomorrow
  • Consider whether any Black Friday sales might result in a new clothes washer, as we truly need one, and heck, why not give the economy a thrill?  Oooh! Lesbians are back in the stores buying housewares!  Woot!

That list went downhill a bit there, didn’t it?  Here — look at some seed stalks from the yummy Thai basil I planted early this summer.

thaibasilseedsBasil doesn’t like 20 degree weather, so these stalks are all that’s left [other than memories of good meals, and a sudden wish for real Pad Thai, sans octopi].

Two years ago at Thanksgiving, we were in Vermont and New Hampshire, visiting my side of the family. Here are some of Arthur-the-beekeeper’s sheep:

vtarthurssheepAnd last year, I was with Word’s family, an hour or so south from fair Elsinore, so even in late November, there were still leaves on the trees, and the grass was bright:

colonialbarnnovemberIt should be noted, however, that the sheep at this farm were no more approving than Arthur’s were


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