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The image on the right is not compositted.

It’s a view Gold Medal Park, out the south windows of the “Endless Bridge” off the back of the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis.  The window frames are deep, and lined with polished metal, so a picture out those windows gives you a strip of “real” surrounded on several sides with distorted, flipped images of the areas above, below and to the side of that central “real” piece.

It’s also a great representation of how it feels to come back from a conference to a string up upcoming home repairs, student papers, mid-term work, a wedding to attend, an another conference later in the month:  where am I looking?  What’s the priority action? Is our economy on the fast track to creatively re-enact Argentina in the 80’s?

  • The R&S students need to be told about their mid-term task; they need to find their informants ASAP
  • The CME students need to be reminded that the syllabus says “Post to Blackboard each week”
  • Find the insulation estimate
  • Pray the HVAC contractor doesn’t call during lecture
  • Get food for dinner
  • Worry about the people who have followed jobs and spouses in to financial quagmires
  • Remember the roses are still blooming, and the chrysanthemums are beautiful

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