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Yeah, you betcha I had a great time — Minnesota is a lovely state, the conference I was attending is always a pleasure, and the weather was quite lovely until this morning, when it was cold and drizzly, and I had to drag my suitcase through the rain to the metro stop, because roads were blocked for the annual Marathon.

As I waited and dripped in the plexiglass station shelter, prying the chocolate frosted donut out of the styrofoam cereal dish [Originally it had seemed a good idea to put it in frosting-side-down, so the frosting wouldn’t stick to the napkins on top of the bowl], it occured to me that the runners were probably going to be much, much, MUCH more inconvenienced than I was.

Useful link: Dale Sullivan’s blog of his time at Arhus University, in Denmark.  This is where the conference will be next August.  So we have months of scheming ahead to figure out how to fund such an adventure.

I’ll have more about the trip tomorrow.  Right now, I will lie in my own sweet bed tonight….

Music:  Eleanor McEvoy [sp?] and the Indigo Girls [which I have to confess is how I know where the Mississippi starts…]


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