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….since the semester is right around the corner:

“I could imagine that after this would occure once his future articles, if any would be for the most part wholly ignored.”

Yes, that was a native English speaker.  The core problem here is too many concepts trying to be juggled in one sentence, with inadequate punctuation, I think…

I suspect that many such sentences are in my future, because one of my classes this semester is going to endure a variety of short answer challenges, and if they can’t read carefully and describe what they’ve read succinctly, verbal flailing is a likely result.  The little duck to the right here is not flailing; he’s filtering water through his beak quite effectively, and looking damn cute while doing so.

In other news, I actually got to pet Leia this afternoon; I caught her as she was running over me to get up the stairs. I was sitting in the staircase, and the hailstorm outside had her thoroughly spooked.  She had been hiding in the base of the cat-tree, and I’d thought that she would have stayed downstairs rather than run right over my lap.  So I got to hold her for a few moments, and tried to calm her down.  Then I let her go, and a few minutes ago our paths crossed in the upstairs hallway.

She hissed at me.

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