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Anger and Beauty

If you happen to be in one of the neighborhoods with a Lebanese Taverna, you probably already know that you should go eat there.  If you haven’t yet, please do so.  Yum!

Yesterday, in between thunderstorms in DC, I took several trains to meet Angry, D, and WordT for dinner.  I didn’t get to go up to a complete stranger to ask “Excuse me, are you Angry?”, but there was plenty of wordplay to go around.

One of the unexpected delights, though, was comparing neighborhoods — turns out we’ve got some shared geography, so we could discuss what we knew of cities, rural areas, and weather patterns.  When you meet people online, you have no absolute idea of where they are, where they’ve been, what they value.  Certainly you see what they put on display for public consumption, but that leaves how much of an iceberg beneath the waterline?  And is it even the same iceberg?  [I’m thinking of some high-profile blog highjacking that I’ve seen recounted recently]

Most of the people with whom I correspond I’ve known for more than 10 years, and many of them I’ve met in person, but not all.  The moment when you meet someone in person you’ve known only online is a special one — when I finally met MDragon after years of emails, I was fitting together all sorts of stories together with a person I might have easily passed on the street and not given much thought to at all.

Except, of course, I had those stories; I knew a lot about where he’d been, and the places he hoped to go in life.  And he knew a lot about mine, so I wasn’t just another person walking through Jackson Square, either.

Last night I got to add two new people to my world. And great new food.*

In celebration, let me share some atmospheric wonders:  Look!  Up in the Sky!

*And yes, I’m using an additive sentence structure, but we’re on the web so supposedly that’s okay. [sigh]

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