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From: “Rent nears its final performance, but its ragtag New York faded away years ago”:

“Rent” is about New York, far more than, say, “Chicago” is about Chicago. I have tried to think up a title that could tap as deeply into New York’s consciousness — “Car Alarm, Car Alarm,” “There’s a Very Angry Woman on the Subway,” “Class Envy!” — but nothing comes close. This is a city whose founding mythology involves not a magic spring or a she-wolf but a sweet real estate deal, one in which it’s still unclear who was bamboozling whom, making it all the more touchingly New York.

Elsinore’s of course, would be “Copter, Copter!” At 1am, there was one wheeling outside my bedroom window, rattling the glass panes and scanning the ground for I-have-no-idea-what.

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