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I dearly miss Philadelphia.  It was the city I wanted to live near when I completed graduate school; it was the city I wanted to teach and work near as a professional.  What I am doing in Elsinore is fine, and I love working in the new garden, but this place isn’t going to have the comfortable feeling you get from 17-odd years around a particular urb. Not for quite a while….

So last night I was visiting friends in South Philly, and this morning I was waking up to one ear’s worth of garbage collection noises [the other ear had an earplug in it].  My brain knew that there wasn’t anything to be concerned about, and that I didn’t have to be awake yet… so I settled back down, repositioning the pillows to better block the sound.  It’s a nice couch.  These are terrific people who are lending me said couch for the night.  How long have I known them…?

Hmmmn.  My brain isn’t coming up with a year. It provides images of walking through the Italian Market, looking at booths selling carved candles, bonsai trees, expensive coffee, stained glass…. No, that doesn’t give me a year either.  The Italian Market Festival now comes around every summer.  “Well,” says my brain, “I think you met them in between the publication of the first two Yarn Harlot books.  So you’ve known them for about 3-and-a-half Yarn Harlot books.

My brain is very pleased with this calculation.  I am, well, somewhat bemused, since while I know these people because of fine Philly Fiber community, I am not a knitter. My brain has, therefore, given me a metric that my friends will find delightful, and it _still_ will not be informative to me until after I locate some reference material.

[Those of you familiar with Laurie Anderson‘s song, “BabyDoll”, can just laugh harder right now…]

However, I did once snap a photo of Stephanie-the-Yarn-Harlot with some reference material, so at while I’ve just displayed how fractured things can be on the inside of my head, at least this post is nicely unified.

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