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The NY Times reports that the pharmaceutical marketing group, PhRMA, will be announcing voluntary guidelines which would prohibit that magical distribution of pens, pads, mugs, and other tchotchkes that so many of us rely on for our office supplies.

Voluntary….prohibit….? Yeah, that’ll work. They are going to have to put some teeth in it somehow, or otherwise the lobbying from the tchotchke maufacturers will be truly pathetic to see. It would be interesting to find out how much of the average company’s sales came from pharma-land.

Granted, I have my favorite items — the Prilosec toy truck and truck-stop style mugs, the Lexapro pen, the ridiculous Truvada jumpdrive [that was so packed with Truvada literature, there was no room for other files until you worked out how to delete them, and no, it wasn’t Mac compatible].

I wonder if this will impact animal health practitioners as well? An awful lot of freebies in veterinarian offices these days….

Topic shift: It tells you a lot about the overall lack of distinction among literature readers, grammar handbooks, and other teaching tools that no one seems to care if faculty get tchotchkes, fancy dessert buffets, or other blandishments from publishers.  The exception might be items that would be used in the education systems of big states like Texas or California – there the stakes are so high for major book purchases that maybe someone might be concerned about ‘inappropriate’ influence on decision-makers.

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