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Player #1, Xeno, age 11, long haired, black, polydactyl male

Player #2, Malkie, age 7, long haired, grey tabby with peach underfur, male

Player #3, Leia, age 4 or 5; recently adopted, Himalayan female

Scene:  Narrow upstairs hallway, 5:30am.  From my vantage point in the bedroom, cats could possibly be seen

  • in one of two bedroom windows
  • in the hall space between the bedroom doorway and the decending staircase
  • in the hall space between the staircase and the entrance to the bathroom
  • in the hall space between the entrance to the bathroom and the entrance to my office

Notes: Malkin is the most outgoing. Xeno does not care as long as he is brushed regularly and can lounge on window ledges. Leia has not yet forgiven the Universe for the upheavals in her life, and probably has not forgiven me for dragging her into a cat carrier for a vet appointment.  She spends most of her time under the bed in my office.

Two weeks ago or so, Leia began venturing out of my office at night.  This meant that in the odd, indiglo blue light of the hallway I could see a little dark face surrounded by ghostly pale fur….and if my eyes adjusted to the dim light before she scurried away, I could see her looking back at me, cross-eyed.  Malkie would sometimes join her in the hallway, and there didn’t seem to be any hissing.  Once she started yowling at him — an odd sound, more like a woman singing an alto part for the old Star Trek theme than like a cat, but that was only once I think.

This is NOT Leia.  It's Percy, courtesy of Wikipedia's entry on Himalayan cats

This is NOT Leia. It's Percy, courtesy of Wikipedia's entry on Himalayan cats

One particular morning, I think she had ventured in to the bedroom a few paces, and then backed out because Malkie had come forward from the far end of the hallway. I could see him walk forward, sit down, get up, and walk into the bathroom, where there’s a water dish.  Malkie squeaks when he drinks. I don’t know why.  [Now that I think about it, that sound is very like the squeaking of this new MacBook keyboard…]  He comes out of the bathroom and sits on the threshold.

Leia is sitting in the hallway, looking at him.

This continues for a while.

Xeno, who has been asleep in the window behind me, decides he might like to get a drink.  Has he been paying attention?  No.  Does he think anything was in need of supervising?  No.

How can I tell?

Because when he walks nonchalantly into the hallway, there is an explosion: three cats simultaneously leap up and backwards [Salvatore Dali would have loved it] , fur bristling, and land several inches behind where they originally started.

They then try to pretend absolutely nothing happened.

Xeno decides he wasn’t thirsty and goes back to the other bedroom window.

Lather, rinse, repeat…..

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Yep, another stalk of pistil-waving iris, up and atcha

About a week ago I noticed that there was a new flower stalk developing in the iris bed, which I hadn’t been expecting.  I knew that some iris were re-bloomers, but wasn’t thinking that this particular one was eligible.  On the scale of possible garden surprises, this was a very pleasant one.

The local iris society sale will be coming up soon, and I’m hoping to add to my collection.  I’d like some more blues and maybe that fantastic Rustler creature I posted after the garden tour.

But then I really have to get my act together about preparing the raised beds for the incoming rhodies and azaleas this fall.  I don’t want to have Van Veen’s ship out the rooted cuttings if I don’t have a nice place for them all to go!

Hmm. I wonder if the Midnight Gardener would be able to find a home for a rhodie or two?  Might be an interesting experiment.

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