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Assorted adventures

We stopped at a flower market, and discovered that other species also liked the display! Occassionally I have kvetched that my current Saturn doesn’t get the same mileage as my original one from ’93. I usually manage to set that sort of hand-wringing aside when I recall that I think “‘Rachne” only had 87 horses under the hood that needed to be fed in the first place, as opposed to the much more civilized number in “Rocket”.  And I think I manage to eke out over 30mpg anyway, which is much more civilized than many vehicles are able to claim.

I mention all this mostly to explain why I still think a nice weekend drive is within our budget.  Taking a week and driving out somewhere far away might not be reasonable, but when your only AC comes from the little snowflake button in your car, there are days when the only sensible place to be is on the road.  And sometimes you capture moments like the nice tiger swallowtail here, who is sampling the lantana at a roadside floral nursery.

Now, I had promised a description of Cat Chess [writer Diane Duane calls it Hauissh”]: you’ll have to continue to wait a little for that…..

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