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Pie redux

No, I didn\'t bake this.  My beloved used her grandma\'s recipeI had mentioned the making of rhubarb pie to some of my friends, and though you should see the final result.

It was very tasty.  It’s gone now.  We were supposed to eat it with vanilla ice cream and forgot to get that part.  This is probably because we can pick up gelato by walking to the local greengrocer’s, but ice cream requires a drive. [ I last tanked up at $3.98, and am in NO rush to have to do that again soon.]

One of my gardening goals is to locate a good variety of rhubarb so that we grow our own, rather than have to use the store-bought kind, which isn’t as reliably wonderful as what you can get out of your own yard.  The rhubarb is one of the things I wasn’t able to get out of the ground from the old Chez Rethoryke:

Later this weekend, expect pictures of the first lillies blooming in our yard, and tales of Cat Chess.


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Now, we know we’re not the target audience, and we also know that many of the final results of these programs are really very tasty.

Burn, baby burn!

But it can’t escape our notice that much of the language used during “Primal Grilling” is only a few steps away from a very different kind of discourse.  Secrets are shared by “pit masters” around the world, one of the goals is to “really force that marinade into those holes”, meat is deemed done when “juice just oozes out” at the slightest touch, then “absolutely explodes” in someone’s mouth.

After the third or fourth time we were exhorted to “really try to marinate that meat for four to six hours, or even better, overnight” for the best effect, it occurred to us that it was perhaps more tragic than amusing that the meat was getting significantly more tender loving attention than I suspect many people get from their significant others. It’s like those TV ads where the husband has dropped 4K on a television setup in the master bedroom, and only some small fraction of that on the bed he shares with his wife. [Dan Savage has the correct response to that imbalance, by the way…]

Of course, the meat isn’t able to compare notes on the experience with its friends after the event, so the man in this barbecue fantasy world doesn’t have to consider anyone’s satisfaction but his own. [Dan has the same recommendation for that situation.]

If you stop by that Barbecue website, you’ll see that the basic rules are “Keep it Hot”, Keep it Clean”, and “Keep it Lubricated”. That’s apparently part of the Barbecue Bible, which just adds a whole new level of kink, really…

Y’know, given time, interest, and a few references to Theory, I bet I could get a paper for the Popular Culture Association outta this….

Please note: I do not feel personally injured or insulted by this barbecue language. I’m pointing out a pattern that overlaps a different pattern, and I am amused.  I am also a carnivore who sincerely appreciate a nicely done barbecue!  Do NOT go complain about the scriptwriting quality of that program; I don’t think that’s a useful expenditure of time or indignation.

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