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Pie pie pie pie

Yesterday featured the sort of weather that makes you look at the coconut custard pie you just bought and say “Well, here’s dinner!”Petrea arborea (Queen\'s Wreath) blossom, from my aunt\'s garden in Guatemala

Today’s weather is much the same, although I might try something else for dinner — say, a can of chilled tuna, some fresh strawberries, and a splash of balsamic vinegar….maybe roasted red pepper hummus on bread for the starch.

Whence the strawberries? Our next door neighbors have chosen to grow LOTS of strawberry plants in their front garden, and told us to take whatever we liked [we will supply them with figs later in the season]. Taking a walk down to the bookstore and pausing to rinse off a few strawberries for an ambulatory snack is just a marvelous, blessed thing.

Now, about the lovely thing on the right: that’s a blossom and two calyxes (sp?) from the Petrea arborea in my aunt’s front yard — the vine grows over the carport and down the sides, like a wisteria, although the blossoms are obviously very different. Hummingbirds like them, and when the central flower drops off, the remaining parts are still pretty for a while before the seedpod finishes developing
and the whole thing spirals to the ground like a little tan helicopter. For more information, or if you think you can grow one, look here.

For the rationale behind the title, look here.

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