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“Now this is more like it!” say the bees. The big bumbles love the rhododendrons and larger azaleas. The smaller bees are delirious about the false indigo that just started blooming; they hover around with their tongues sticking out.

There seem to be fewer bees frequenting the exposed clay [which is good, because I finally did get that magnolia into the hole I’d originally dug for it]. But there’s plenty of wet, exposed clay left….

While on the topic of matches between flowers and bees, let’s look at some of the iris that have blossomed recently. These are from last year’s remarkably-affordable binge at the local Iris Society sale.Lovely standards, dramatic falls, but what\'s with the beard curving _up_?

No, that’s not an optical illusion: the standards are standing up, all nicely ruffled, the falls are draping downward, the beard is…. wait a second…. Yes, those beards are standing proud of the falls, rather than curling downward with them. What had been a convenient landing strip to maximize the amount of pollen a bee could transfer when visiting each successive flower has been bred to display something more like a party favor [or a very particular sort of “pinata”, if you perchance remember an ancient Robin Williams routine].

Here: look at another one — G’night everybody!Is this an iris, or the home of a nudibranch?

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