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“Their was a beginning of less faith in Japan’s economy.”

In contrast, no end to the need for a visit to the Writing Support Lab.

“When I go fishing I nver keep any fish from the Chesapeake Bay because if the fish is infected with DDT or has a high portion of Mercury, you will be infected by eating the fish. In today’s society people are getting sick from the high tolerance levels of DDT or PCBs in the water.”

Could we just all agree to automatically delete the phrase “In today’s society” whenever it occurs? Unless someone is writing a historical analysis, there is no reason to think that phrase is adding any content to a discussion. It strikes me as the textual equivalent of snapping your gum while giving a speech.

“Not only has this had a toxic impact on the bay, but also consider human health.”

Errr… Okay, let’s. Now what?

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