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Sex and violets

Well, it’s Spring; what do you think is happening everywhere right now? Apoplectic Titmouse is proclaiming his territory at all hours, the Love Doves are billing and cooing, the Dumb Bunnies are sitting near our back door washing themselves near the compost heap [in ways that suggest that perhaps what they really each wanted was a cigarette, but we’ve banned smoking in restaurants here in Elsinore]. Thousands of trees are flowering [the dogwoods haven’t started yet, but the oaks, maples, Bradford pears, and cherry trees are going at it, just in time for Zyrtec to go OTC. Damnit].

Which brings me to the violets. At old Chez Rethoryke, there was a special time in the spring, much nicer than the Festival of Bad Writing [which, alas, knows no season], called the Festival of Seven Violets:

  1. Pink, scented [probably Viola odorataMadame Armadine Pages“]
  2. Labrador [which isn’t really Viola labradorica, but instead Viola riviniana Purpurea Group
  3. Downy Yellow [Viola pubescens]
  4. A little greyish blue violet I was told was a “Confederate violet“, because it was greyish
  5. White with faint purple striping [Which is the more violet which more commonly online is called “Confederate”]
  6. White with purple speckles [Viola sororia “Freckles”]
  7. Your standard garden variety purple violet

It looks as if everyone survived their first year Baltimore! Pictures later, and perhaps more links.

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