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Daffodils and Copters

Yes, it’s nearly 7pm on a partly cloudy spring evening, and the copter is circling.

The copter, any copter. They are Copter, they are Legion, anonymous great gnats whirlygigging for 15 minutes and then wandering off — sometimes followed by sirens, sometimes not. Tonight, “not”, but there’s still 5 hours worth of today left to have more copters and then sirens. As the weather gets warmer, there will be more motorcycle racing, more police non-pursuits [because you aren’t allowed to chase down a motorcyclist — someone might get hurt], and someone in the sky will need video footage of these events.

Also legion, but better behavedThe daffodils are also legion, but they are much better behaved. Of course, I did plant most of them, so perhaps they are more aware that they are here at my pleasure, than the copters, for whom I buy gas, but don’t ‘own’ in the same sense.

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