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And what happens when they all come back to roost?

Two of my colleagues were visiting campus today, and one of them was wearing a fedora. That made two of us wearing fedoras, and the third person wondered if perhaps she needed to get one, as part of learning how rhet-folk worked together. We said we’d get her one as a reward sometime in the future. I was reminded of toaster ovens, but wasn’t sure I wanted to explain that right then.

The next adventure is to explain to the members of my own department why the visitors had wanted to talk to us in the first place. Why aren’t we signing agreements or arranging for students to arrive across the new bridge now? [As my friend with the fedora pointed out, do you expect a ring on the first date?]

Well, that’s the official adventure. There are other adventures, hopefully less egrettable. But they are nice birds to look at, aren’t they?

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