Bettin’ on Van Engelen

Last fall’s carve-outs from the lawn were the long bed in the back right of this photo and the two brick-edged sections in the foreground:DSC_0020

This fall, rather than perennials from Bluestone, it’s bulbs and a few more peonies from Van Engelen, from whom I’ve been ordering since….oh, could it be 20 years now?  Maybe.  I’ve had several different gardens in that amount of time, with generous contributions to the gardens of relatives and friends along the way.

Alas, I once again missed the window for ordering winter aconites, and I completely forgot to get crocus.  Ah well.  I’m going to have plenty enough digging to do….

The wheel of the year turns, and it’s time to admire other gardens…

DSC_0531We quite like the drive over to Longwood, one of the old DuPont estates [better living through chemistry, etc., etc....]. The new meadow area has grown in beautifully since our visit last fall, and the restored lily ponds were gleaming in the light of late afternoon.  Even if I do put in a small pond in our meadow, I’ll never be growing specimens like these!

DSC_0453We got a good five miles of hiking and strolling together before heading back to the car and visiting one of our old haunts for dinner.

DSC_0206No, not that kind of haunt.  We stay firmly on this side of the veil, even at this time of year…


Well, one metric at least…

Several years ago, a hunter killed a moose for food, then brought the skull and antler rack out of the woods to a carver. And then owls happened:

Please note: this image belongs to Shane, whom I do not know personally.  This is only here to direct you to his work!

short-eared-parliament-760.jpg_1Go here to see the development of the “Short-eared Parliament“sculpture.

It’s a long scroll backwards to the beginning of this project, but it’s worth looking through, both for the slow and steady progress and for the cataloguing of artistic choices as the project moves forward.

And OWLS, of course.  Yay, owls!

A thing that happens

Soon the neighbors will be talking about autumn clean ups, and I will still be looking at the sky…

Experiment in greyscale


Click through for larger image…



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