….we would have saved ourselves a world full of stupid arguments….

Yes, it’s cold right now.  And it might have been a mild summer around here.  But that doesn’t change the underlying trends, and…..

Oh, it’s exhausting.

A handful of time

I don’t know how long it took to produce this checkerboard of tatting.  Maybe it was destined to cover the front of a small pillow, that would have already been covered in some contrasting fabric?  Maybe it was meant to go over the back of a chair, or a seat on a couch?

Tit4Tattingit’s lovely.  It’s probably not cat-compatible…

Moss-snow-twigsSturdy little things.  Keep them hydrated and they will outlast us…

A few months from now…

DSC_0082I know, I know… The weather reports are all about hard freezes and harsh winter weather to follow. But Spring will be back again….

First fire of the season


Our shaggy tabby is horrified.

And there it is


Garden gate



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